How it works

My commitment to you

How it works? (My commitment to you)

I will be there to work with you on the continuous improvement of your business.

Once we agree to build and improve your business together and before you have paid your first monthly investment I will organise a series of initial fact finding visits.

The purpose of these visits is to find out what makes your business tick - every part of the operation, your people, processes, situation and what you want to achieve.

When we start working on your business I will be approaching it with a fresh pair of eyes, so expect lots of difficult “why do you do that” questions as we start working on strategies and initiatives to grow the business and reduce waste.

I will produce a very short statement, less than 2 pages, which will be the start point for our work. This highlight initial targets for improvement and short term goals. It is short because I understand that you don’t a long report to tell you what you already know.

As we share in your vision and then to work with you to make progress make regular short progress reports, so that you can see the changes that are happening consistently throughout the business, not just when you have the time to chase them up.